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We provide skilled immigrant and refugee women in the US the opportunity to make fabric jewelry and hand-sewn goods in the comfort of their homes while paying them fair wages. We are looking to build connections with partners who have small-batch manufacturing needs for clothing, accessories, jewelry or other goods which might be sewn and made by our artisans, or other opportunities for them to gain financial empowerment. Our main focus is on pride in Seattle-made products, but we are open to companies in other areas in US and across the world. We love fashion startups and being able to help people prototype their designs and bring them to life!

Seattle-area designers & companies who have hired our artisans include Prairie Underground, Eileen Fisher Renew, and Bright Costumes. More are listed under Our Supporters.

Contact us with your custom sewing project, and we will work to match your needs to our artisans' skills. We can provide you with samples of our work, and we can make samples of your item(s). We will work with you to guide the product development and sourcing. We guarantee the quality and delivery of your products through your supply chain.


RAI Label Wholesale Catalog

Carry RAI label handmade fabric jewelry, pouches, napkins, and other products at your store by reviewing our wholesale catalog.


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