Featured Artisan: Baseerah



Baseerah came to the United States in 2003. She and her husband have six children. She learned how to sew starting at 12 years old back home in Afghanistan, beading, embroidering pillows, and making her own clothes.  She also loves to bake. You might have tasted her homemade Afghan cookies at our recent community open house - they are delicious and always a crowd pleaser.

When she first arrived at RAI, her dream was to start her own business. Last month, she achieved that goal. On June 16th, Asiya Design Art launched where she can now sell her beautiful products. Baseerah has an open heart and is a quick learner.

She recently accepted a staff position with RAI as Sewing Associate & Artisan Liaison for Afghan artisans. Baseerah is the third Artisan to become a RAI staff member, joining Tracy & Noi. Congratulations Baseerah on both your new business and new role!

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