Board of Directors, Advisors and Contributors

Volunteer Board Members


Ming-Ming Tung-Edelman: Founder


Lisa Hanna: Human Resources Chair, May 2017 to present

Lisa earned both a B.A. in English and her law degree from the University of Utah. She lives in Seattle with her son and husband and enjoys traveling, ballets and gathering with friends. 



Raelene Judnich: Secretary and Marketing Chair, February 2018 to present

Raelene is a talented marketing professional who generously has shared her expertise to assist with website optimization and product photography to help enhance the Refugee Artisan Initiative brand.



Jill Sanchez: Operations Chair, May 2017 to present

Jill Sanchez worked in the technology field prior to having children and now spends time volunteering with local organizations and supporting her daughters and husband in their many pursuits. Jill joined the board in May 2017. She loves traveling with her family, hiking, reading, and walking her dogs.

Selynn Vong, Marketing

Selynn is a refugee herself and understands the obstacles our artisans face. She has a strong marketing and product development background, and is helping us to identify areas of product growth and distribution channels.



Key Advisors & Contributors

Donna Verretto, President of  DV Consulting for independent nonprofit consulting. Donna has had over 20 years running non-profit organizations.

Lisa Zhao, Ph.D. Chair of Entrepreneurship at Seattle University. Lisa has provided us a team of Seattle Students to work on our business and marketing plans.

Anne Siddall, UX Designer. Anne has helped us launch our website and is working on more robust e-commerce.

Hui Liu, Bookkeeper and Financial Analyst. Hui has over 15 years of experience in accounting, including the non-profit sector.

Terry Marks, Graphic Designer responsible for the branding, logo design and jewelry tags.