(Im)pressed collection: Silver chain short necklace hand-crafted from clothing donated by Lori Matsukawa

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RAI's (Im)pressed collection is unique because the fabrics used in this collection are re-purposed from garments worn and donated by outstanding women recognized in politics, entertainment, sports and the arts.

Our artisans have hand-cut these garments and impressed the fabric with their hands and fingers to create unique molded shapes that leave a lasting impression. Our customers in turn have the opportunity to wear a fashion accessory that was once owned by a powerful woman who has impressed the world with their achievements. 

Think of the (Im)pressed collection as a meeting place for women from all walks of life, with their unique stories embedded in a hand-crafted fashion that can impress an make a statement for years to come.

This necklace is hand-crafted from a garment donated by Lori Matsukawa, Emmy-award winning journalist and KING-5 TV news anchor.