Our Artisans

Our artisans come from all around the world. Here are a few of their stories:

Rahel: Rahel is from Ethiopia. She learned to sew from her mother when she was 17, and has lived in the United States for 7 years. Her dream is to have her own sewing shop someday. 

Nafisa: She is from Afghanistan and is currently working on light-up fur collars for one of our partners. We are excited to work with her and it has been a delight getting to know her and her supportive family.

Noi: Noi has recently emigrated to the USA from Vietnam. One of Noi's friends suggested she should attend an RAI recruiting event at the Children's Home Society of Washington. She was among a group of 30 women at the event and her skill set attracted the attention of Ming-Ming Tung-Edelman. Working from home is a dream come true for Noi; she gets to spend more time with her pre-school and kindergarten age children as a result. She received her very first paycheck in the United States after being here for nearly six years!

Julie: We recruited Julie because of our partnership with ReWa- The Refugee Women's Alliance. She's been full-time at a manufacturing job in Seattle with over a one hour commute and it's just not feasible for her to continue that schedule as a single mom with three children. Julie is very happy to be working for RAI and we're expanding her crafting skills in as many areas as she's willing to learn. Julie is a great fit for our program.    

Siu: We are very happy to welcome back artisan Siu who first joined RAI almost two years ago. Siu has been battling breast cancer and her life's focus has been fighting the disease and getting her health back. She feels better than she has in months and she's excited to be sewing and making jewelry for RAI once again. We look forward to supporting her recovery in any way we can. Siu was raised in Hong Kong, and immigrated to Seattle in 2014. Her grown son came to join her in 2016. Siu Speaks limited English and working for RAI means she can concentrate on her wellness and still and work part time at home. She loves to sew and make handcrafted goods. 

Muntaha:  Born in Ethiopia, Muntaha is a mother of three and one of her daughters has a disability. She was referred to us from Muses sewing training program. Muntaha is skilled at embroidery and sewing. We secured a scholarship for her to learn jewelry making at Pratt Art Center for 6 weeks, and she will be making jewelry as well in the near future.

Karima: Karima is from Morocco with a grown son. She speaks French and Arabic. Karima does simple sewing project and wants to build up skills in our program to take on more projects.

Samples of our artisan's own creations:


Are you a refugee or immigrant woman who would like to be part of our program?

Contact us and include your name, contact information, and some details about yourself and we will contact you.