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Rahel's Marketplace

Rahel and her husband came to the U.S. from Ethiopia 10 years ago after winning the lottery and finding a family member to sponsor. It was extremely difficult her first three years here, especially since Rahel was pregnant shortly after moving to the U.S. She lived in a shelter for around 7 months. 

She is now much more established, and she and her husband recently purchased their first home. Her children are 9 and 7, and she also has two adopted children from Ethiopia.

They have both been extremely grateful for the opportunities at RAI since it has allowed them to continue working during COVID. Her husband was driving for Lyft/Uber and has taken classes in welding, so this certainly was important during that time. She appreciates the consistency in knowing that the more work she does, the more she can provide for her family. 

In Ethiopia, Rahel was an entrepreneur and had her own dress store. In the future she is looking to learn more design. She also appreciates making jewelry since it is not as predictable. At one point, she wanted to open her own store inclusive of showcasing their Ethiopian culture. Her dream is to have her own store, give her kids the opportunities to get the best education, and eventually move back to Ethiopia.



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