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Diba's Marketplace


Diba moved to the US four years ago with her 5 children and husband. They are from Kabul, Afghanistan, but lived in Turkey for 4.5 years while waiting for entry into the US. Her eldest son recently married, and her daughter-in-law is waiting in Kabul for approval to join their family in Auburn.

While living in Turkey, Diba found work in a small family run apparel workshop, where she learned to sew on industrial machines. She actually arrived to the US with several samples of full garments she has made for herself and brought in a boys button up shirt to illustrate the type of work she has done.

She was delighted to have found RAI through Refugee Women’s Alliance. She has been with RAI for 9 months and has found 400 masks a week to be a manageable workload for her. She sews throughout the day in between cooking, cleaning and caring for her family. She owns a Juki industrial straight stitch machine and has room in her home for cutting. 

Diba would love to receive more work and more complicated sewing work such as alteration and garment making. She wants to eventually have her own sewing business, but she is working on  improving her English first to be able to communicate better with clients.


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