RAI Launches Fly Your Flag for Earth Day Program to Raise Environmental Awareness

In celebration of Earth Day 2020 on Wednesday, April 22nd Refugee Artisan Initiative (RAI) is launching its inaugural Fly Your Flag for Earth Day Program to raise awareness for environmental conservation and community building through hand-decorated cotton flags made by local school children.

Through your donation to the Fly Your Flag for Earth Day Program, you are empowering refugee and immigrant women to create sustainable, healthy lives for themselves and their families.

Support the Fly Your Flag Program by clicking here.

RAI artisans create sewn goods from upcycled materials and for small batch manufacturing partners in order to keep excess fabric out of our landfills.

The Fly Your Flag for Earth Day Program uses new and clean, but unsellable bed sheets to make flags that our partner school children decorate.

These flags are then given to school students to decorate free of charge. Each student creates two (2) flags – one to give to RAI and one for their school to show their support of the Fly Your Flag for Earth Day Program.

Students are asked, ‘What does protecting Mother Earth look like to you?’ The results are simply beautiful! Each of the Earth Day flags is one-of-a-kind and unique to the young community member who made it.

Thank you for joining our Earth Day movement to protect Mother Earth and create jobs for refugee and immigrant women!

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